Once upon a time there was a little girl. Let's call her Gina. Gina had quite a lot of Barbie dolls and wanted to be a ballerina. The thing about those Barbie dolls, she wasn´t quite allowed. Gina had a sister who was fond of hiding her barbie dolls in the snow and gave the long-curly- haired beauties a make-over, the result has been short-haired boys. The plans to become a successful ballerina changed while she grew up. She still liked wearing the outfit for carnival, but standing on the tip of her toes was not an option.  Gina went to school and got an apprenticeship afterwards, she tried this and that until she united with her loving sister to find her place in the very masculine company of her father. She was satisfied for a while, but the "girl" in her never remained silent. So after some time Gina had an idea and began to transform the male metal goods into female accessories.

This is the story of The Toolery.  Or the story of a "girl" that makes her hobby a profession, or her profession as a hobby.